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  • Charlotte School Gets $9M Safety Upgrade – Learn More From Charlotte Access Controls

    In response to a recent uptick of crime in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, including one fatal school shooting, Mecklenburg County commissioners unanimously approved a school safety plan calling for over $9 million dollars of security technology this week. Here’s what the school system will be installing to protect its students and teachers from future harm. A Wide […]

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    Top 3 Dumb Criminal Fails, From Our Charlotte Surveillance Camera Company

    Millions of robberies, burglaries, and break-ins occur in the U.S. every day. Fortunately, some people just aren’t very good at being criminals—resulting in both easy convictions and hilarious stories. Here are 3 stupid criminals who would probably be better off trying something else. Thieves Mistake Ashes for Cocaine In 1993, thieves broke into a house […]

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    How to Get Toilet Paper Out of Your Trees, From Our Charlotte Security Camera Company

    So, you’ve been toilet papered. Allow us to offer our condolences. Fortunately, there is a way out of the two-ply covered nightmare you currently find yourself in. Here are some top tips to getting toilet paper out of your yard, as well as some ways to prevent it from happening again. Beat The Rain If […]

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