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  • Ballantyne Driveway Gates Installation

    Custom Driveway Gate Contractor in Ballantyne

    James Access Controls designs custom driveway gates that compliment your home and landscape. Our well-installed metal driveway gates will make you feel like royalty whenever you enter or leave your home! If you’d like to order custom driveway gates in Ballantyne, click here to schedule a free estimate.

    Automatic Driveway Gates in Ballantyne Secure Your Property

    A beautiful custom driveway gate can be a focal point for your home or office while serving as a property barrier for those that are not welcome. We craft our driveway gates to compliment and highlight the surrounding property landscape while at the same time providing high-level security and protection. We focus on both aesthetics and function—both considerations are equally important! Before starting a project, we communicate with our customers to understand the purpose of the gate and how it will fit into the architecture, landscape, and design of the property. We also keep in mind that the gate needs to be a secure entry point that blends into the overall architecture of the property, whether it be for your home or office. We know that building any effective driveway gate begins with listening to what is important to our customers. We offer several different options for our Ballantyne driveway gates, including wooden gates, aluminum gates, steel gates, and custom gates. If there is an option that is not featured on our website, just let our fence and gate contractors know, and we will be happy to accommodate your needs!

    Our Gate Installation Guaranteed Warranty

    James Access Controls uses some of the most durable and versatile gate products available on the market today. Even so, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. That’s why our custom driveway gates carry both a manufacturer’s warranty and our own service warranty. If there is anything wrong with your installation, we will make it right at no extra cost to you. Ready to get started? Call James Access Controls today to schedule a free estimate!