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  • Ballantyne Gate Operator Installation

    Custom Gate Operator Installation for Ballantyne Homes & Businesses

    James Access Controls is a local Ballantyne installation expert specializing in driveway gate operators, home gate operators, slide gate operators, and swing gate operators. Our access control company understands the importance of a secure, well-installed gate operator when it comes to securing your property from intruders and trespassers. We offer a wide variety of gate operators made by industry-leading brands that are guaranteed to fit your specific application. If you’d like to get started, contact us today for a free estimate!

    Our Ballantyne Gate Operator Options

    Access controls and gate operators are a critical element when securing a property, no matter the property type. Below are some of the features we are able to provide.
    • Swing Gate Operators
    • Slide Gate Operators
    • Barrier Operators
    • Keypad Control Access
    • Internet Control Access
    • Remote Control Access
    • Proximity Card Access
    • Radio Access

    Benefits of a Professionally Installed Gate Operator

    • Peace of Mind: Keep crime, wildlife, unauthorized vehicles, and trespassers out when you are away.
    • Easy Authorization: Access can be granted to authorized persons with a simple clicker (much like a garage door opener), keypad, or card reader. Many gate operator brands also allow authorization right through your smartphone.
    • Simple Usability: Access controls can be easily integrated it into your car, phone, or other device. Once installed, using your gate operator will become a normal and familiar part of your day.
    • Efficient Accessibility: Our gate operators allow you to be in control of your property 24/7 without jeopardizing its safety or yours.
    • Customized Entry: Many access control brands allow you to lock certain entry points at all times, or lock entry points between certain hours only. This reduces the chance that you or your personnel will “forget” to lock up before going home.

    Work with Our Residential, Commercial & Industrial Gate Operator Pros

    If your Ballantyne property needs uncompromised security, contact James Access Controls for a free estimate. Our expert access control contractors can’t wait to add beauty and security to your property!