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  • Charlotte Driveway Gates Installation

    Custom Driveway Gate Contractor in Charlotte

    Even if you have a standard home security system, you may want to consider investing in a custom driveway gate. Standard home security systems can easily malfunction, fail to perform during a power outage or disaster, or fall subject to human error (the most common being when a homeowner forgets to reprogram it after entering the premises.) However, if an automatic gate is locked, no vehicle is entering your property—period. James Access Controls is proud to install custom driveway gates for businesses and residential homes across Charlotte and beyond. If you are considering installing a custom driveway gate in Charlotte NC, contact our professional gate contractors today.

    The Many Benefits of a Custom Driveway Gate

    There are many advantages of securing your property with a custom driveway gate. Some benefits include:
    • Security—A driveway gate prevents vandals, trespassers, and criminals from entering your property
    • Crime deterrent—Driveway gates not only prevent crime; they can also deter criminals from even attempting to enter your property.
    • Curb appeal–custom driveway gate is a beautiful, elegant addition to your home that can raise your property value (and impress passerby!)
    • Peace of mind—If you are nervous about a break-in, an automatic driveway gate can give you unmatched peace of mind!

    Swing Driveway Gates or Sliding Driveway Gates?   

    Before our automatic gate installers come to your home, you will want to decide whether you prefer swing driveway gates, or automatic sliding driveway gates. While swing driveway gates tend to be the standard choice for residential driveways, they are not always the best option. Driveways which are very steep or constricted might prevent the gate from fully swinging open, and other site restrictions might interfere as well. If you are unsure if a swing gate will work for your property, our knowledgeable gate contractors will be happy to advise you! Ready to get started? Contact James Access Controls today to schedule a free service estimate. We look forward to beginning your custom driveway gate installation soon!