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  • Huntersville Automatic Gates Installation

    A Custom Automatic Gate Will Make Your Property Standout in Huntersville NC

    When you are looking for an enclosure for a commercial or private residence, an automated gate is your best option for safety, convenience, and security. An automatic gate will enable you to fully enclose your property while still allowing easy street access. The automatic gate system utilizes remote controls and security pads to allow cars through the gates quickly and easily. If you are looking for an automatic gate installer in Huntersville, contact James Access Controls today for a free estimate!

    Who Needs an Automatic Gate?

    The most common and important function of automated gates is their use for restricting access to residential and commercial areas. More and more businesses are embracing automated gates, not just for their own use, but to enhance the customer experience as well. Gated communities, construction sites, and parking garages are just a few examples of properties that commonly use automated gates. Small businesses such as storage units and car dealerships often add automated gates for the enhanced privacy and security for their inventory as well.

    Our Automatic Gate Installation Services

    Our turn-key gate contracting service takes care of all aspects of automated gate installation. When designing your custom metal gates, we will carefully follow specifications and code regulations. Once we complete your installation, we will then test it to ensure adequate performance. We can also instruct and educate clients on proper usage and maintenance of automated gates, to make sure they understand how to access their gate and allow others to have access to it. Not all sites and enclosures will be suitable for an automated gate installation. Gates will usually need a smooth, paved surface to be installed upon, and must be installed in manners that match safety and permitting requirements. Ready to get started with you custom gate installation project in Huntersville, NC? Fill out our contact form for a free estimate today!