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  • Huntersville Gate Operator Installation

    Custom Gate Operator Installation for Huntersville NC Homes & Businesses

    Our driveway gate openers and smart garage door openers are the perfect way to add security and convenience to your home or business. We use only trusted, industry-leading brands so you can feel confident knowing that your automatic gate operator will keep you safe and secure. If you are looking for residential or commercial gate operators in Huntersville NC, call James Access Controls today. Sound good? Click here to commission a new gate operator in Huntersville today!

    Our Huntersville Gate Operator Options

    We offer two different styles of gate operators: slide gate operators, or swing gate operators. The ideal gate configuration for your situation depends on many factors, including physical restrictions, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Many of our commercial customers prefer slide gate operators, because they are ideal for tight and compact spaces where swinging isn’t possible. No matter which you choose, both styles can easily keep vehicles outside of your property’s premises until you activate the remote control access system.
    • Swing Gate Operators – A swing operator is used when a gate (or two gates) open inwards or outwards like a door. We offer bother residential and commercial-grade swing gate operators to fit your needs.
    • Slide Gate Operators – A slide operator is the preferred gate operator choice when space is limited, because the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall and “slides” open horizontally
    • Solar Gate Operators – If you would like to save money on utilities and/or be more environmentally-friendly, solar power is an excellent, green way to power your gate operator.
    • Parking Gate Operators – Ideal for high traffic areas, our barrier gate operators are essential for managing vehicle flow safely and efficiently. These can be used for apartments and residential complexes, business parking lots, and other areas which require traffic control.

    Benefits of a Professionally Installed Gate Operator

    • Peace of Mind: Keep crime, wildlife, unauthorized vehicles, and trespassers out when you are away.
    • Easy Authorization: Access can be granted to authorized persons with a simple clicker (much like a garage door opener), keypad, or card reader. Many gate operator brands also allow authorization right through your smartphone.
    • Simple Usability: Access controls can be easily integrated it into your car, phone, or other device. Once installed, using your gate operator will become a normal and familiar part of your day.
    • Efficient Accessibility: Our gate operators allow you to be in control of your property 24/7 without jeopardizing its safety or yours.
    • Customized Entry: Many access control brands allow you to lock certain entry points at all times, or lock entry points between certain hours only. This reduces the chance that you or your personnel will “forget” to lock up before going home.

    Work with Our Residential, Commercial & Industrial Gate Operator Pros

    If your Huntersville property needs uncompromised security, contact James Access Controls for a free estimate. Our expert access control contractors can’t wait to add beauty and security to your property!