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  • How to Remove Graffiti and Prevent it with Charlotte Surveillance Cameras

    Some graffiti can be truly incredible—in fact, some cities are even hiring professional graffiti artists to spruce up otherwise plain surfaces. However, suffice it to say that most run-of-the-mill graffiti taggers are far from artists—just vandals adding ugly signatures to privately-owned property. If your residential or commercial property has been hit with graffiti, here’s how […]

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    Tips on How to Stop Porch Pirates, From Our Charlotte Gate Operator Installer

    Almost 26 million Americans say they’ve had a package stolen from a porch or doorstep during the holidays, according to a 2017 survey. And even though it’s not holiday season anymore, porch pirates are still doubtlessly taking advantage of the balmy weather to cruise around neighborhoods, looking for packages to snatch. Here are some ways to protect […]

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