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  • How to Keep your Home Safe while You’re on Vacation, According to Our Charlotte Gate Operator Installer

    If you’re heading to the beach, overseas, or somewhere else this summer, make sure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your house while you’re gone. Below are a few ways to lock up and get peace of mind while you’re away, so you can fully relax and enjoy your trip!   Install a light […]

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    Reports Show Crime is Rising in Charlotte Schools | Charlotte Security Contractor

    On March 15, North Carolina released its annual school crime and violence report. While there were some improvements to last year’s numbers, other figures were discouraging. The report stated that incidents involving weapons, drugs and violence at Charlotte-Mecklenburg high schools went up from 584 to 710 this year. The figures represent the latest troubling statistic […]

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    How to Protect Your Gate Operator from Lightning, From Our Charlotte Gate Operator Installer

    As a professional gate repair company, it seems our phone lines start ringing off the hook after every lightning storm with people who need a gate operator replacement. As much as we love seeing you, we’d much rather see you during your preventative maintenance check than to replace a smoked out gate operator. Here are […]

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