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  • How to Protect Your Gate Operator from Lightning, From Our Charlotte Gate Operator Installer

    As a professional gate repair company, it seems our phone lines start ringing off the hook after every lightning storm with people who need a gate operator replacement. As much as we love seeing you, we’d much rather see you during your preventative maintenance check than to replace a smoked out gate operator. Here are a few tips to protect your gate operator during a lightning storm.

    How Your Gate Operator Gets Damaged

    It is actually very rare for a lightning bolt to directly hit your gate operator. The damage is usually done by power surges that travel for miles through wires and metal in the ground. Power surges usually burn up the gate operator’s actuator motor, actuator motor coils, control/operator board. Replacing all these things can cost around $3,000, so protecting your gate operator is very important for your safety and your wallet.

    Get The Right Insurance

    To avoid having to pay out of pocket for a gate operator repair or replacement, make sure you have the right insurance. Some insurers will include your gate in their policies; most will require you to add it as an endorsement to your existing policy. Gates may or may not have a separate deductible from the rest of your property. In general, though, adding an endorsement to your policy is much less expensive than a gate operator replacement.

    Add Grounding Rods

    Grounding rods help keep your gate operator safe by isolating and diverting power surges. If you don’t want to call a gate installation company, you can install your grounding rods yourself by closely following your gate operator manual. Generally, though, we recommend calling a professional to ensure that the grounding rod is tied in and set at the correct distance.

    Add Surge Protectors

    Although you may have installed surge protectors for your home devices like TVs and computers, gate surge protectors are a little more technical and will require a professional to install. Most surge protectors protect the gate system from power surges that come in through the keypad and exit probe (the most common path).

    Need A Gate Operator Installation in Charlotte?

    If you need a gate operator installation in Charlotte, call James Access Controls. We supply high quality gates, gate operators, and security systems to keep your property safe and secure.