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  • Dumb Criminal Fail: Thieves Accidentally Rob a Cop Retirement Party

    If good luck favors hard work, then displaying lack of work ethic must be pretty unlucky. That certainly must have been the case for Joseph McInnis III, 21, and Tyree McCoy, 22, who attempted an armed robbery in Woodlawn, Maryland—only to stumble in on a retirement party for a local police officer. The two ill-fated […]

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    Reports Show Crime is Rising in Charlotte Schools | Charlotte Security Contractor

    On March 15, North Carolina released its annual school crime and violence report. While there were some improvements to last year’s numbers, other figures were discouraging. The report stated that incidents involving weapons, drugs and violence at Charlotte-Mecklenburg high schools went up from 584 to 710 this year. The figures represent the latest troubling statistic […]

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