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  • Dumb Criminal Fail: Thieves Accidentally Rob a Cop Retirement Party

    If good luck favors hard work, then displaying lack of work ethic must be pretty unlucky. That certainly must have been the case for Joseph McInnis III, 21, and Tyree McCoy, 22, who attempted an armed robbery in Woodlawn, Maryland—only to stumble in on a retirement party for a local police officer. The two ill-fated criminals found themselves standing in a bar filled to the brim with off-duty cops.

    How it Went Down

    Baltimore County police Officer Jennifer Peach told WBAL-TV that the two men entered the take-out area of Monaghan’s Pub in Woodlawn and held up an employee at gunpoint, demanding (and receiving) cash. Hours beforehand, dozens of Baltimore County police officers had converged on the pub to celebrate the retirement of Sgt. David Neal, a 29-year veteran of the force. According to the police statement, the bartender on duty was aware of the police retirement party, and simply went into the adjacent room to alert the authorities.

    The two suspects fled the bar on foot, but didn’t make it far before they were apprehended by the officers who were close behind. No officers or employees were injured during the robbery or subsequent foot chase, although police confirmed that a use-of-force investigation is underway after one of the arresting officers struck McCoy with a closed fist.

    The two men were charged with armed robbery and possession of a handgun, and transported to the Baltimore County Detention Center.

    Protecting Your Commercial Business from Armed Robbery

    Although these and many other criminals weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, plenty of criminals are quite smart—and it goes without saying that it’s highly unlikely a party full of cops will be nearby if you ever get robbed.

    That’s why it’s important to take preventative protective measures to keep yourself, your employees, and your assets safe. Remote access controls, locked fences, security systems, and surveillance cameras can significantly reduce the chance of a break-in or robbery, and significantly increase the chance that a perpetrator will be identified and prosecuted.

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