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  • Why a Guard Dog Isn’t as Effective as a Charlotte Home Security System

    Everyone love dogs. (Okay, almost everyone. At least, we do). Their faithfulness, companionship, and boundless energy are among life’s greatest gifts. However, a guard dog is no replacement for a home security system. Unfortunately, at James Fence & Gate we often see instances where clients’ homes were vandalized despite the presence of a large dog. […]

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    How Our Charlotte Gate Operators Can Help Keep Solicitors Off Your Property

    Mormon missionaries. Jehovah’s Witnesses. Door-to-door salespersons. All of these people have a habit of coming up to your door, ringing your doorbell, and interrupting what you were doing with a pitch you didn’t ask for. If you’re sick and tired of getting up and answering the door, just to have to listen to somebody’s spiel, […]

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