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  • Why a Guard Dog Isn’t as Effective as a Charlotte Home Security System

    Everyone love dogs. (Okay, almost everyone. At least, we do). Their faithfulness, companionship, and boundless energy are among life’s greatest gifts. However, a guard dog is no replacement for a home security system. Unfortunately, at James Fence & Gate we often see instances where clients’ homes were vandalized despite the presence of a large dog.

    There are also other problems that can come with having an aggressive dog protecting your property, which we will dive into below. Read on to learn why an effective security system should really include a gate, fence, and/or surveillance cameras.

    Professional Thieves vs. Unprofessional Dogs

    Professionally trained guard dogs are taught not to accept food from strangers, but most house guard dogs are not. It’s easy for thieves to mix a tranquilizer (or even poisonous substance) into a treat and throw it into the yard before breaking in. In addition, many house guard dogs are much friendlier than their bark indicates—meaning they are just as likely to lick, play with, or hide from a burglar as confront him. You can see in this video that all 5 of the tested house dogs failed to stop an intruder.

    The Dog Who Cried Wolf—Constantly

    You might think that since your dog barks at everything, he is as good as an alarm. In fact, a constantly barking dog is a security risk because you will come to ignore the barking, as it usually indicates something harmless, like a squirrel or pedestrian with a stroller. Your neighbors won’t be alarmed that something is wrong, either, because the dog is always barking.

    Cost-Ineffective “Security”

    As we discussed, it is hard to get even an aggressive breed to attack someone who offers them a delicious chunk of meat and speaks to them like a friend. Even if the dog is angry enough to keep barking, they will probably trail the stranger around the house instead of actively stopping them—and a thief only need a few minutes to snatch your valuables.

    To get a house dog to ignore treats and distractions, and actively take down an intruder, it needs to be professionally trained. This can cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. A home security system costs about the same, but offers way more benefits.  A dog might scare an intruder, but a fence and gate will keep them from even entering the property, and surveillance cameras will keep a record of who came and went.

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