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  • How Our Charlotte Gate Operators Can Help Keep Solicitors Off Your Property

    Mormon missionaries. Jehovah’s Witnesses. Door-to-door salespersons. All of these people have a habit of coming up to your door, ringing your doorbell, and interrupting what you were doing with a pitch you didn’t ask for. If you’re sick and tired of getting up and answering the door, just to have to listen to somebody’s spiel, try one of these tips for keeping solicitors off your property.

    Stand Your Ground 

    The worst thing you can do to encourage a solicitor or missionary to keep returning is engaging them in any sort of discussion. A discussion, from the solicitor’s perspective, is better than an outright “no”, as it can open the door to a stronger relationship and, eventually, a sale or conversion. Therefore, it’s important not to discuss anything with the solicitor—not your religious opinions, political opinions, or even how your week is going. Simply end the conversation with a firm “No thank you,” or “I’m not interested,” and repeat it until they get the message.

    Many solicitors, especially religious solicitors, are trained to overcome what they call “conversation stoppers,” so be prepared for a bit of a verbal tussle. Stand your ground, and don’t let them draw you into a conversation.

    Ask to See a Permit

    If your solicitor is being particularly aggressive, one good way to scare them off is by requesting to see their paperwork. Many areas have ordinances requiring solicitors to obtain a permit, undergo a background check, and receive a photo ID in order to go door-to-door. If they have not obtained these items and can’t present any proof of identity, you have the right to call the police to have them removed, and you can tell them so. (You also have the right to call the police if they do have a permit, but asking for paperwork tends to “throw them off their game” much more effectively.)

    Invest in a Fence and Gate

    If your “No Soliciting” signs are consistently being ignored, the best way to deter trespassers is with an electric fence and gate that can be opened remotely. You can also integrate an intercom system so you can ask visitors about the purpose of their visit; and surveillance cameras so you can see them. Then, if you determine that they are an unwanted trespasser, you can simply deny them entry, all from the comfort of your couch.

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