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  • How Charlotte Access Control Systems are Locks of the Future

    The traditional lock and key is one of society’s oldest mechanisms for controlling who has access to certain property or information. However, the nature of travel and security has changed a lot over the centuries. Access control systems are an innovative and efficient way to protect privacy and property in both residential and commercial settings.

    When to Consider Installing a System

    Access control gates are a staple element of most residential access control networks. While they certainly don’t preclude the need for locks on doors and windows, they do allow for a larger degree of security across the entire property. Installing a wall and gate with automated entry allows residents to control who enters the driveway from within the home. Many businesses and living communities can also benefit from the efficiency of a gate and access control system. These features can attract new customers or clients, as the added layer of security presents the establishment as innovative and safe. 3 Advantages of Access Control Systems 1. Save time and reduce workplace inefficiency. Not only does access control make the premises more secure, but also allows authorized people to go about their day unencumbered by a giant key ring. Electronic passes can be issued to employees or family members that allow them to open certain entrances with a single swipe. It’s also easier to keep track of one card than a dozen different keys. 2. Limit unsolicited visitation. For many people, a knock on the door from a stranger can be an intrusion on their time and personal privacy. This is especially true if the visitor is trying to sell an unwanted produce, service or message. Access control gives the property owner the ability to screen visitors before they even reach the door. 3. Advanced security capabilities. While most homeowners don’t feel the need for finger print scanners on their home, many businesses benefit from the additional layer of security. A physical key or card can be stolen or lost, but fingerprints are much harder to replicate by a would-be thief. Businesses with valuable inventory or sensitive information are advised to strictly limit access to sensitive areas.

    Take Control of Your Access Today

    Understanding the complexities and details of access control can be a mind-bending task. Fortunately, our team of professionals is available to discuss the matter with you and help you find the best solution. Whether you are interested in residential access control with access control gates, or a comprehensive interior security system, just call our office to learn more about the options available.