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  • 6 Surprising Facts About Home Burglary from Our Charlotte Security Expert

    If you’re like most people, when you picture a thief, you think of a few shady, masked characters creeping through the bathroom window in the dead of night. But the reality of burglary paints a far different picture. You are much more likely to be targeted in plain daylight by someone who looks like an ordinary delivery man than awoken by a gun-wielding man in your bedroom (although, of course, the latter scenario does happen.) Below are some facts about home burglaries that may surprise you from our Charlotte access control installer.

    Most Burglars Knock Before Entering

    KTBV, an Idahoan news station, sent letters to 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary in the Oregon Department of Corrections, asking them to anonymously share details regarding how they cased a potential target. Not some, but all of the inmates who responded said they would knock on the front door before breaking in. Different inmates had different methods of making a safe getaway should someone answered the door; options included “pretend to be looking for a friend’s house,” “pretend to be answering a Craigslist ad,” “pretend to need directions,” and “pretend to be looking for a lost dog.” The bottom line: If someone knocks on your door for what turns out to be a “mistake,” they may be casing your home for a later break-in.  

    More Burglaries Occur in Southern, Rural Areas

    A generation of movies—plus real-life crime rates—have led to a widespread perception that huge cities are the most dangerous, crime-ridden places to live. But according to the FBI, while violent crimes are more prevalent in cities, the highest burglary rates occur in rural, Southern states. New Mexico, Mississippi and Oklahoma top the list, with the highest burglary rates per 100,000 residents.

    Most Thefts Occur During the Day  

    It may surprise you to learn that very few robberies occur in the dead of night. The vast majority occur during the afternoon, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. These are the times where parents are at work, children are at school, and the house is unguarded. Even better, if neighbors witness the burglar entering the home during these hours, they are more likely to assume he is a package delivery person or maintenance contractor, which is much less risky for the thief than being found skulking in the bushes at midnight.

    Even the Smallest Detail Can Make Your House a Target

    In the KTVB survey referenced at the beginning of this article, inmates were asked to list the first things they looked to steal once they were inside a home. One wrote, “NRA sticker on car bumper = lots of guns to steal,” giving startling insight as to how the slightest detail outside your homes can indicate that you have valuable goods inside. Be sure to keep all expensive tools and pieces of equipment in a locked garage during the day, and hide boxes that once held expensive items, like plasma screen TVs.

    Secure Your Home with Charlotte Access Controls

    Here is a bonus statistic: around 87% of burglaries are considered preventable. A solid, multilayered security strategy can drastically lower your risk of falling victim to robbery. And that’s good, because only about 13% of home robberies result in an arrest and conviction. If your house is robbed, it is highly likely that the perpetrators will get off Scott-free, and your valuable items will be gone for good. You can keep your Charlotte home secure by installing a tall security fence around the perimeter; a gate operated by remote access controls; surveillance cameras at key entrance points; and other security solutions such as motion-activated lighting. To learn more, please contact James Access Controls today, and our Charlotte security experts will help create a comprehensive home security strategy that protects you and your family.