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  • 7 Tips for Those Living Alone for the First Time, From Our Charlotte Apartment Security Contractor

     If you’re heading off to college for your first roommate-less year, you might be a little worried about living alone for the first time. Not to worry! Living alone has tons of perks and benefits that you simply can’t get from sharing a space. After following these tips, you might even find you prefer living alone to anything else!

    Meet Your Neighbors

    Your first week alone in a new place might be a little scary, but you can mitigate your nervousness by getting to know some of your neighbors. If you happen to run into someone while checking your mail or taking a stroll, take the opportunity to say hi and introduce yourself. Getting to know people will help you feel like you’re in a community, not a strange place. Plus, you’ll have someone to water your plants when you go away!

    Find your Feng Shui

    When living with others, interior decorating is often a compromise. But once you’re on your own, you can make your space exactly what you want it to be! Spend time at discount decoration stores like Homegoods and pick out something that excites you. Replacing your apprehension with excitement will help alter your whole perspective on living alone.

    Stay Secure 

    A key factor in living alone is making sure you are safe and secure. Investing in a basic home security system can help you be, and feel, safer. If you have the budget for it, consider adding motion-detection lights or a surveillance camera outside your new place. If anyone ever vandalizes your property, you’ll have evidence and a suspect! 

    Visit Someone

    Whenever you start feeling too isolated, take a trip back home, or spend a few nights with some friends. We’re betting that after a while, you’ll start noticing all the things that you now have total control over, which you previously didn’t—like the thermostat setting, cleanliness, fridge contents, and lights-out time. When you head back to your place, you’ll be able to fully appreciate how awesome it is to live on your own.  

    Adopt a Pet

    By “pet”, we mean “cat”, because cats provide a high amount of affection while being extremely low-maintenance. All you’ll need to take care of your new purry friend is a litterbox, a bowl, and some food—no worrying about daily walks or training. However, if allergies or personal preference makes felines a no-go, a small dog or even a hamster will give you some much-needed companionship. 

    Get Security Solutions in Charlotte Today  

    Living alone can be intimidating, but the independence and freedom you have over your surroundings are entirely worth it! As long as you have adequate security, a couple friends nearby, and a positive attitude, you’ll be prepared to embrace all the successes and failures this new chapter of your life will entail. If you live near Charlotte NC and would like to invest in apartment security systems, call James Access Controls today, and we will help you get set up for success.