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  • Top 5 Home Security Lessons from “Home Alone”, From Our Charlotte Access Control Installer

    No list of classic holiday movies is complete without “Home Alone,” the hilarious Christmas comedy in which protagonist Kevin McCallister cleverly outwits two house burglars. While we don’t recommend icing your doorsteps and swinging paint cans from the top of your stairs, the movie does teach some valuable real-world lessons about home security and access controls. Learn more below, and if you need security solutions in Charlotte, give us a call!  

    Don’t share your travel plans with strangers

    In the age of social media, this message has taken on even more significance. As tempting as it might be to inform your followers that you’ll be gone on a dream trip to France all July, that information is valuable intel for thieves. Many professional thieves even scroll through hashtags such as #vacation or #springbreak searching for clues as to who will be gone. Don’t let the Harry Lymes of the world know your whereabouts!  

    Make it seem like someone is home  

    The first time the would-be thieves stop at the McCallister home, Kevin throws a party to make it seem like people are home, complete with loud music and dancing mannequins. Since you probably don’t have the free time Kevin has on his hands, you can create the same effect by placing all your indoor lights on timers, or purchasing a device that mimics a flickering TV screen.  

    Set up motion sensors and surveillance cameras 

    Kevin set up a sort of “motion detector” for himself; a trap that caused a blowtorch to ignite when the door was opened. Since this is a little extreme (and most likely illegal), consider installing a motion-activated camera or alarm. Its infrared sensors can detect movement in the dark and punish the would-be thief by calling the police—not roasting him. If you don’t want to install a security system, don’t share that information with someone whose ID you haven’t verified, as Mr. McCallister does! 

    Install window sensors 

    Kevin makes his own DIY window sensors by scattering ornaments across the floor. While this is quite creative (and effective), a set of window sensors that can trigger an alarm when triggered is a bit more reliable and far less messy. 

    Merry Christmas from James Access Controls! 

    James Access Controls wishes our Charlotte clients and customers a wonderful, safe holiday season. If you would like to protect your home or business in the coming year, call us today to learn about our Charlotte access controls, gate operators, security cameras, and other security solutions.