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  • Create a Perfect Parking Plan for Your Event

    If you’ve ever crawled through a packed parking lot looking desperately for an empty space, then you know that this kind of environment creates confusion, frustration and can even lead to vehicle accidents. Not only is this a deterrent to potential visitors or customers, but it can also lead to injuries, conflicts and collisions that only add to the problem. Developing a thorough parking control system with a comprehensive strategy and the proper tools is important for ensuring the success of the event. Figuring out the parking situation for attendees is an essential step in the planning for any event, whether you expect a few dozens guests or several thousand. Essential Parking Control Equipment 1. Signs for traffic direction and parking spaces. Signs are an obvious inclusion in any parking strategy. Directional signs to guide traffic should be numerous and placed in visible locations throughout the area. Along with a written message, directional signs should display an arrow that points vehicles to their destination. Any reserved parking spaces should be clearly labeled so that drivers can see the information before pulling in. This ensures the proper spaces are available for disabled individuals, as well as other guests and staff that need them. 2. Staff uniforms, whistles and batons. All active members of the parking staff should wear bright, reflective uniforms to increase visibility. This helps keeps staff members safe and makes it easier for drivers to find someone to ask for directions or parking instruction. Additionally, parking staff directing traffic should carry visible batons and whistles to quickly catch the attention of drivers. 3. Communication devices. Large venues with expansive parking requirements may require staff to carry handheld communication devices. These allow for fast decision-making between staff and management, as well as overflow control if there are too many vehicles at a certain location. Efficient communication is vital for any parking control system. Digital Tools for Parking Management Parking control equipment does not only include physical tools, uniforms and other devices for staff members to use. There are also digital tools, like software for parking garages, that can make planning and management much easier. Software for parking garages offer users many useful features, including:
    • Take parking reservations online ahead of time
    • Tally number of vehicles currently present
    • Track reports of damage to cars or theft
    • Receive payments for parking electronically
    The Parking Management Professionals We know how important parking is to the success of your event. Our team is experienced with all kinds of events and venues, so you can rely on us to take care of managing parking in any location. Just call our office to learn more about how our services can save you a lot of stress and frustration when planning your big event.