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  • Home Security Contractor Shares Tips On How Good Outdoor Lighting Can Prevent Burglaries

    Like a sword of Damocles, the fear of crime is ever-present in every person’s consciousness. Everyone has either been on the receiving end or knows someone that got the brunt of crime. One of the standard instructions that individuals worried about burglaries get is that they should consider artificial lighting after dark to deter crime. ● But does artificial illumination act as a deterrent to burglaries? ● Is lighting up the backyard the right prescription against the innate fear that people have of darkness? A home security contractor weighs in on the matter. He offers tips on how good outdoor lighting can keep burglaries at bay and why you should contact a Mooresville access gate contractor.

    Outdoor Lighting and Its Effect on Preventing Burglaries

    A randomized controlled trial (RCT) study by Crime Lab in partnership with the New York City Housing Authority and New York City Police Department found that temporary street lighting led to an overall reduction in index crimes. According to the Mooresville access gate contractor, this New York City study is the best evidence of light project implications in neighborhoods worldwide.

    How Good Outdoor Lighting Prevents Crime

    ● Installation of better illumination augments efforts to promote public safety ● Reduces the gap in communitywide inequalities in terms of crime reduction ● Creates a sense of safety and security The home security contractor, who doubles up as a parking controls installer in Mooresville, adds that outdoor lighting works even better with other controls such as access or parking controls. Burglars are more likely to avoid neighborhoods or homes with improved gate controls and lighting.

    Access / Parking Controls & Gate Installation

    A qualified and professional access gate installer in Mooresville can install effective perimeter access systems for residential and commercial properties. Together with various access control products and effective outdoor lighting, the systems provide a convenient solution to prevent burglaries.

    The Benefits of Access or Parking Controls and Gate Installation

    There are various benefits of hiring the services of an access gate installer in Mooresville. They include: ● Prevent unauthorized access to the compound ● A convenient entry and exit of the property ● Peace of mind If you are thinking about improving the security of your property, contact us today! A qualified parking controls installer in Mooresville will take you through the process and advise accordingly.