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  • Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

    It is estimated that 2.5 million burglaries occur each year. You deserve to feel safe in your home. A home security gate contractor recommends that you do the following to keep yourself safe.

    Make Sure That Your Property Is Well Lit

    Home break-ins are more likely to occur when you are not at home or at night. You should keep your home lit so that thieves won’t have a place to hide. You should set up lights around your home. You should also put them in your backyard.

    Disguise Your Trash

    There is a reason that home break-ins are more common during the holidays. People assume that your home is full of expensive items. That is why a Mint Hill home security installer will recommend that you disguise your trash.

    Secure Your Garage

    If you have a garage, then this can be used as an entry point for burglars. You should never leave the garage door opener inside of your vehicle. You should also install a deadbolt lock on your garage door.

    Do Not Advertise When You Will Be Out of Town

    Many people like to share every detail of their life on their social media account. However, if you are going on vacation, then you don’t want to put that on your social media. This can be an open invitation for thieves.

    Install a Security System

    A Mint Hill home security installer can help you keep your home safe. Burglars are 60 percent more likely to target a home without a security system. A security system will quickly notify the police if someone breaks in. You can even use residential access controls in order to restrict access to your home. If you want to know more about how to use residential access controls, then you can contact us.