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  • How to Choose the Right Charlotte Access Gate for your Property

    Most property owners are aware of the privacy and protection elements added by a residential driveway gate. Not only does the gate add a decorative touch, but also adds a substantial resale value to the property’s exterior. In recent years, security features have become high-tech in residential settings, a norm that was once more reserved for the industrial buildings. It means that the installation of residential access control gates has moved a notch higher among owners who want a little more control, protection, and those with the desire to be in line with today’s lifestyle. For your monetary investment, you want to be sure that the gate will serve you for the long haul. So; whether for commercial or residential needs, how should you choose the right gate?

    The Purpose

    When choosing a residential or commercial access gates, determine the purpose of the gate. Are you buying the gate for aesthetics, purely for security or both? If it is designed for security, install a gate that will serve the purpose. Every residential driveway gate tends to have a pin pad code that can be used in the place of remote controls and keys. With a pin code, you will need to be extra careful to ensure that the details are not shared with unauthorized personnel. If you decide to purchase a motorized gate, know how it will be powered. Light-duty gates are easily operated on standard power supplies while the heavy duty gates may require high electrical power. You can power your gate through the same source that powers your property, or you can use solar powered gates. How often will the gate be opened and closed? This is an element that has to be factored in when selecting access control gates. Gates designed for a residential setting will eventually cause problems in a commercial setting. A high-quality gate should sustain many cycles of use.


    Sliding gates made from galvanized steel tend to offer better protection. High-quality commercial access gates must include high start and lock force, selectable start, high power supply, and great run and stop speeds. There are varying types, colors, and sizes of gates you can choose in line with the purpose and the architectural design of your property. Before purchasing, ensure that there are no restrictions in your region for certain types of gates. Also, look out for venetian blinds. The blinds are excellent at maintaining your property’s privacy and are also outstanding for solar control. They help in reducing thermal gain and glare. More so, the blinds help in saving energy and distribute light naturally. You may have varying reasons for installing a residential driveway gate or commercial access gates. Choosing the right one will save you time and money in the grand scheme of things. It is advisable to seek expert advice from a professional engineer or a security consultant.