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  • How to Get Toilet Paper Out of Your Trees, From Our Charlotte Security Camera Company

    So, you’ve been toilet papered. Allow us to offer our condolences. Fortunately, there is a way out of the two-ply covered nightmare you currently find yourself in. Here are some top tips to getting toilet paper out of your yard, as well as some ways to prevent it from happening again.

    Beat The Rain

    If the toilet paper gets hit by rain, getting rid of it will become even more difficult, as the soggy paper will stick to the branches like cement. If your wily pranksters have taken the weather into consideration when timing their hijinks, again, you have our condolences.

    Start from The Top

    Get a tall ladder and start working from the top down. A rake, broom or cue pole works best. The key is to delicately lift the paper from the tree with the tools. If you pull or tug it, it will rip, and the workload will ultimately double.

    Hose It Off

    Although rain will make the problem worse, the pressure from a hose can do an effective job of getting everything off. This will cause small chunks to be strewn around the yard, but this will still be easier than getting it out of the trees.

    Safety Tips

    If you find there are pieces close to a power line, do not attempt to move it yourself. For instances such as this, a landscaping professional should be called. In addition, do not attempt to burn the paper away with fire. This is unfortunately a popular tip that has resulted in many house and lawn fires.

    Invest in Your Safety with Charlotte Security Cameras

    The next time these criminals target your lawn, catch them in the act with a mounted CCTV camera. Or, better yet, prevent them from accessing your property at all with a secure gate and electric door operator. The initial up-front expense will pay itself off by making it easier to sleep at night—and ensuring you never have to de-paper your trees again. To see our range of Charlotte security cameras, click here.