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    Religious missionaries, political campaigners, door-to-door salespeople: If your front porch is starting to feel like the County Fair, you are probably eager to learn how to get trespassers off your property for good. Below, our Charlotte fence and gate installer shares tips on securing and protecting your property from any unwanted visitors.

    Do Not Engage

    Solicitors are a bit like wild animals: If you feed them, they will keep coming back. Resist the temptation to engage in any sort of discussion or argument with a solicitor, no matter what they are promoting or selling. Simply politely, but firmly, let them know you are not interested, and close the door. Note that many solicitors, especially religious solicitors, are trained to overcome what they call “conversation stoppers.” No matter what, stand your ground, and don’t let them draw you into a conversation. The only word they need to hear is “No.”

    Ask to See a Permit

    If a solicitor is being particularly aggressive, one good way to scare them off is by requesting to see their necessary paperwork. Many cities and municipalities have ordinances requiring solicitors to obtain a permit, undergo a background check, and/or obtain a photo ID in order to go door-to-door. If the solicitor does not have these items, and cannot present any proof of identity, you have the right to call the police to have them removed. (You also have the right to call the police even if they do have a permit, but asking for paperwork is a great way to scare solicitors away.)

    Install a Security Fence and Gate

    If your “No Soliciting” signs aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to upgrade to a security fence and gate. This can be as simple as a standard picket fence surrounding your property, or a high-tech solution involving metal bars and a remote access gate. If you want to go the whole mile, you could even integrate an intercom and camera system into your security gate, so you can see visitors and ask about the purpose of their visit. If you determine that they are unwanted, you can simply deny them access, all from the comfort of your couch.

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