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  • How to Keep Your Home Safe on Halloween from Our Charlotte Access Control Company

    Halloween is about candy, costumes, and fun, but here are some Halloween statistics that are downright spooky: 

    • Insurance claims for home theft are about 60% higher on Halloween
    • Theft-related crimes jump by 21% on Halloween night
    • Car theft increases by 5% on Halloween night
    • Halloween usually has the highest average number of insurance claims filed for any day of the year.

    The takeaway is clear: your home, vehicle, and property are all at higher risk for theft and crime on the 31st than they usually are. In order to keep everything safe, follow the Halloween safety tips below.

    Provide Good Lighting

    Carefully-placed lighting makes it easier to see those who approach your home. Well-lit walkways are also important for ensuring little ones get to and from your home safely. Motion-activated lights are a good idea, as they save money on utilities and startle would-be intruders.

    Lock Up All Entry Points 

    Many homeowners believe that they won’t fall victim to theft or burglary because they are sitting on their front porch. While this may be true, don’t neglect other openings an opportunistic thief might take advantage of.

    Make Your House Seem Occupied

    If you plan to take your little ones out scouring for candy, leave your lights on inside (and maybe even a TV) to make it seem like someone is home. One good security measure that can benefit you year-round is installing lights on a timer, so they will turn on and off as if someone is moving through the house.

    Hand out Candy from your Driveway

     Setting up camp in a well-lit garage or driveway reduces the amount of obstacles a trick-or-treater needs to overcome to reach candy, and also keeps visitors far away from your property. Finally, welcoming visitors from the garage gives you a wide view of everyone who stops by.

    Remind Kids About Basic Safety 

    If your children are old enough to go trick-or-treating alone, remind them to stay together in a group; stick to sidewalks and paths whenever possible; and never, ever enter anyone’s home for any reason.

    Get Trusted Charlotte Home Security with James Access Controls

    While these tips are handy for those who don’t want to spend too much money, they don’t provide a fraction of the security provided by surveillance cameras, automatic gates, fences, and access controls. Since Charlotte is as dangerous as any other big city, you may want to take this time to consider securing your property year-round. If you’re interested in installing access controls in Charlotte NC, call James Access Controls today to learn more.