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  • James Access Controls Shares How Business Security Systems Discourage Burglaries

    Opening a business in a low-crime area does not mean that burglars will leave you alone. Even in the best neighborhoods, criminals will find out about your company and try to take anything of value. The following tips will help you understand how business security systems can protect your business. 1. Use the Strongest Locks. Physical locks can discourage crime by complicating unauthorized entry to your building. Some locks make easy targets because burglars can easily pick or destroy them. Check your premises for aging and damaged locks as well as devices that seem insecure and install the latest high-security deadbolt locks in their place. 2. Implement Video Surveillance Video cameras deter would-be criminals. When burglars see that you will likely have a complete record of what they have done, they often will move on to an easier target. The availability of cameras and video security management services makes video surveillance practical and affordable as a tool to provide indisputable evidence of crimes against your property. 3. Install an Alarm System Modern technology has made business security systems more efficient than ever thought possible. Burglars know all about different types of alarms, so make sure you have one that they cannot easily defeat. Attempted break-ins trigger audible alarms that alert passersby and make life very uncomfortable for burglars inside your building. You can also get alarm systems and services that will automatically notify you and local authorities when an incident occurs. 4. Enhance Physical Security Sometimes the best security systems do not deter some determined criminals. Burglars who rely on brute force and speed to avoid getting caught don’t care if they set off an alarm or get recorded on video. Add an extra layer of defense to your facility by installing a security gate and other devices that restrict physical access to your property. The added time breaking into your business requires will deter criminals and increase the likelihood that authorities will arrive quickly enough to make an arrest. Stop taking chances with the safety of your business. Contact James Access Controls today to request a consultation and receive a free estimate.