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  • Maintain Security for Your Community with Custom Access Control Gates

    Security Gate Options

    Gated communities use their gates as the first line of defense. A proper access control gate contractor will keep everything running smoothly. Communities have multiple options with how they will secure their citizens and their possessions. The gated community access controls can have live guards, virtual guards, telephone entry boxes or a combination of things.

    Issues With Access Gates

    Most property damage caused to security gates for residential communities happens because cars hit the gate. This usually happens because people become impatient at not being let in. This can be from the system malfunctioning, or the security in place is out of date. The cameras or telephone entry boxes may be old. Most times, the community association board of the neighborhood pays for the damages. A live guard can solve this situation. The community should weigh the costs, though. The job is about $150,000 a year, and a guardhouse is about $175 per home each month.

    What Does An Access Control Gate Contractor Do?

    As technology improves, more options for security becomes available. A contractor can install up-to-date cameras and vehicle access control at the security gates for residential communities. Other options include better software to track the analytics of residents who use the fast lane and reports on visitors. A contractor can install a Virtual Gate Guard, which costs a fraction of a live guard salary. The virtual guard records vehicles that use the resident or visitor lanes. The company can collect reimbursement from incidents at the gate because they can see the cars.

    Other Security Measures To Add

    Gate contractors do many things for the security of the community other than just the gated community access controls. Before the construction begins, they can design the setup by drawing specifications. Gate strike sensors and LED arm extensions will help with nighttime collisions at the gate. Adding system integration and cameras to public areas will make residents feel safer. Technical support and gate operators are available. Contact us for a free estimate today.