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    There is a lot more to planning the perfect event than getting the best food and entertainment. One of the biggest frustrations that visitors have at large gatherings is finding suitable parking in a timely manner. Poor parking opportunities can even turn people away completely. Take Control of the Lot Parking is an overlooked aspect of event planning, which can leave visitors without a convenient place to leave their car. This can hurt attendance and participation in the event, and put a damper on morale at the least. That’s why coordinated event parking control is essential for any kind of meeting or venue. A professional parking management team has the experience and tools needed to adapt to various sizes, locations and duration of events. Whether it’s a dinner meeting for an organization or a trade fair taking place over multiple days, it’s important to tailor event parking solutions to provide practical and reliable services to visitors. Common Mistakes to Avoid Even seasoned event organizers can trip into one of the many pitfalls that accompany parking management for large venues. By putting a few extra steps in your planning to dodge these common mistakes can save a lot of stress on the big day. 1. Insufficient parking staff or lack of supervision. It’s hard to estimate how many staff members you’ll need to take care of your event parking control. Dirt lots, open fields and other unregulated parking spaces require strict oversight compared to a parking garage. Establish physical positions for staff members on paper to estimate staffing requirements. 2. Lack of communication with visitors. When it comes to delivering important messages to visitors or attendees, it’s hard to give too much information. Traffic, directional and parking signs should be numerous and placed in visible locations around the area. Check the placement and orientation of each one to ensure there is no room for confusion. 3. No backup plan or overflow capacity. Many event organizers are excited at the prospect of bringing in more visitors than they planned, since this means increased interest or profitability. However, this also presents the challenge of dealing with parking way more cars than you had planned. Always have a backup plan just in case your planned parking spaces fill up. Solve Your Event Parking Problems Dealing with the intricacies of parking planning only compounds with the complexity and scope of large event planning. If you want to learn more about professional event parking solutions, just call our office today to discuss your next big event.