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  • Repeat Home Intrusion: 4 Reasons Burglars May Retarget Your House

    It’s scary enough to experience one home intrusion, but what’s even scarier is the fact that, once you’ve been robbed, your troubles might not be over: studies show that about 29% burgled residences are targeted again within the same month. It’s a well-established fact that someone who has invaded your home once has good reasons to try again—so if you ever find yourself giving an inventory to police, your next step is to tighten up your home security with remote access controls and other solutions.

    They Know the Layout

    One great reason to target the same house twice is the same reason why you’re more likely to pull over in a gas station you’ve already been to; you’ve already been there and know what to expect. A burglar that has broken into your home may have taken mental notes about the access points, less-than optimal security measures (like a dog that’s more of an insecurity dog than a security dog), stairways and more. They may have even damaged windows and doors in their first intrusion, and are hoping that they haven’t yet been repaired.

    They Couldn’t Take Everything the Last Time

    A burglary hit has to be very quick—so someone with their hands full with a plasma-screen TV might not have the time to pause for the other great pickings you might have lying around. There’s also the possibility that they were interrupted the first time, and had to get out of dodge fast. Long story short, if a burglar targets your home, don’t assume they took everything they wanted the first time.

    They Know Items Were Likely Replaced

    Speaking of that plasma-screen TV, once it’s been stolen, are you going to let the blank space sit there as a punishing reminder of your woeful home security, or ask your homeowners/renter’s insurance to replace it? We’re betting on the latter—and so is a would-be thief.

    Improved Confidence from Attempt #1

    Your home was targeted for a reason—the lack of security system; an obvious emptiness during certain times of the day, week or year; a secluded location with good cover from the road. If none of things has changed—and why would they? You’ve already been robbed—then to a burglar’s mind, a second hit will be just as easy, or easier. Just like a raccoon that’s discovered a trash can has tasty pickings, they’ll come back hoping for another easy score.

    Protect Yourself with James Access Controls

    Home robberies are steadily decreasing as home security technology improves over the year; however, they are still prevalent. You can protect your Charlotte-area home by installing surveillance cameras, motion-detection lights, perimeter security fences, and remote gate access controls. To learn more about our Charlotte security solutions, please click here.