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  • Top Commercial Security Tips, from Our Charlotte Building Access Control Company

    As a landlord or a commercial real estate owner, it’s important that you protect the value of your property investment and the safety and security of everybody in it. Although it can be a challenge to protect a place you don’t live in, strategic use of security technology combined with basic safety tips will ultimately protect your property keep your employees or tenants out of danger. 

    Purchase an Effective Security System

    All commercial or business properties should have a strong, reliable, high-quality security system in order to deter and detect would-be thieves. Sensors and surveillance cameras should be installed near all points of entry, and motion-activated floodlights should be installed near gates, garages, and doorways. For very large commercial spaces, it is also recommended to install a loud siren which will alert security officers that there has been a break-in. Remember that in a commercial space, a security system should be turned on at all times.

    Secure Sensitive Information

    Passcodes for windows, doors, and important documents should only be given to a few key people and changed regularly. Make sure that you ex-employees and ex-tenants don’t know your passcodes, and inform your staff that your passwords should not be recorded or written down, lest they fall into the wrong hands.

    Keep a Record of Your Equipment

    Record the make, models, and serial numbers of all your equipment, no matter how inexpensive. Remember that thieves will grab anything they can put their hands on, especially if they are in a hurry. You should also secure confidential files and personal documents in a locked place few people know about. Make sure that files that need to be destroyed are destroyed.

    Secure the Parking Area

    Don’t forget to protect the exterior of your commercial property, too. Install 24/7 surveillance cameras and motion floodlights in all parking spaces, so you can record any unlawful comings and goings. Light all dark areas so that the CCTV camera can capture it clearly. Aside from discouraging break-ins, this will also help your employees or tenants will feel safer if they have to access their cars in the dark.

    Get a Professional Security Assessment

    One great way to fully improve your security if to hire security professionals who can identify the weak points of your property. Security access control companies can assess your property and identify where to install cameras, sensors, alarms, and other security components. This will ensure that all areas are covered, even the ones you might not have considered.

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