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  • How Charlotte Access Controls Can Help Keep Construction Sites Secure Day & Night

    It’s hard enough keeping a construction project under budget. When factoring in problems like delays, keeping a project under budget can be quite the challenge. Security issues like thefts, and the budget can become bloated when construction delays and replacement materials have to be ordered. Construction site security addresses can protect against theft and other risks that could affect the budget.

    Why Are Companies Turning to Surveillance?

    Copper, equipment and other materials can be stolen from a site, which leads to construction delays. Construction site video surveillance is one of the easiest ways to prevent issues like theft. The systems usually take little time to install. The ability to operate wirelessly makes it possible for manager to monitor any site activity from any point in the area. Managing worker and other activity has never been simpler with the wireless monitoring system.

    What Are The Features?

    There are remote sentries that can be positioned anywhere on the premises. A central monitoring systems receives the transmitted data. Motion sensors work with a camera, which is usually mounted on some type of portable stand. The images are instantaneously transmitted for managerial review. The central monitoring station can even be routed to law enforcement agencies or to a security firm for easy monitoring. The systems are portable and can be mounted in different locations throughout a construction site.

    What Are Some Security Tips?

    Every construction site should have some sort of security plan in place. Personnel should be dedicated too monitoring any site vulnerabilities. All key assets located on the property should be tracked throughout the site and logged, so that no equipment falls off the radar. Fencing may be necessary to property secure the perimeter of the property. Material and expensive equipment should be stored securely when not in use. Ideally, there should be substantial lighting on the site and one central access point. Construction site video surveillance should be installed in high risk areas such as access points and where high value items are stores. Thefts from sites can cause project delays and increased costs due to replacement of materials and equipment. Construction site security protects the company’s reputation and enables timely completion of construction projects.