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  • Charlotte Access Control Installer Shares the 5 Worst Places to Hide Your Valuables

    Think you’ve got a hiding spot that’s guaranteed to fool professional thieves? Think again. These five bad hiding spots tend to be the first places burglars check when executing a robbery. 

    A Portable Safe 

    A portable safe might as well be marked with a bright red sign that says, “steal me!” Everyone knows that safes contain valuables, and it’s very easy for a professional thief to grab it and open it later. If you decide to use a safe, be sure it’s either hidden, or too heavy to carry off. 

    The Sock Drawer

    Tucking your valuables in a sock drawer or in-between folded underwear might seem clever, but almost everyone knows that the sock drawer is prime real estate for diaries, cash envelopes, and other, er, items you wouldn’t want Mom to find. Sock drawers are easy to plunder quickly and most thieves are not afraid to touch your undergarments if it means scoring some loot.   

    The Toilet Tank 

    The toilet tank is a brilliant hiding spot which has unfortunately been featured in so many movies and TV shows that almost everyone knows about it. We’re sure you can name a movie or show you’ve seen where cash or drugs are hidden under the tank lid. If you can, thieves can, too. 

    Under the Bed/Mattress

    Like your sock drawer, the space underneath your bed isn’t as safe as you’d think. Portable safes, unwrapped presents, and weapons are almost always stashed under the bed, so it’s one of the first places professional thieves will check. Slipping some cash under the mattress, like the toilet trick, has been featured on so many movies that it’s lost its secrecy. 

    The Medicine Cabinet

    Perhaps because they contain so many personal items, medicine cabinets are commonly perceived to be much more secure than they are. The medicine cabinet is another great target for thieves, though, because they might have prescription painkillers and other drugs that can fetch a good return on the black market. Hiding valuables and cash in an empty tube of lip balm or an empty pill bottle might seem very sneaky, but chances are you’ll only be giving your robbers a valuable surprise.

    So, How do I Protect my Valuables from Thieves? 

    We could give you a bunch of ideas for better hiding spots, but why bother, when the best way to keep your valuables safe is to prevent thieves from accessing your property in the first place? A security gate with access controls, video surveillance cameras, biometric entry devices, and other Charlotte security solutions can keep your home safe from crime. If you need help  protecting your residential or commercial property in Charlotte, contact James Access Controls today.