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  • Theft Prevention Tips for Charlotte Landlords & Property Owners  

    If you rent out property in Charlotte, it’s important to make sure that it’s safe and secure. Surveillance cameras and other security measures will help keep trespassers off your property, make it easier to acquire tenants, and help you avoid litigation. Below are some tips on protecting your property, and your tenants, from theft. 

    Install Sturdy Doors 

    While the majority of security measures (locking the doors, etc.) are up to your tenants, you can help by installing thick wooden or metal doors at each entryway. Flimsy, cheap doors, or doors with a lot of windows, can easily be kicked or smashed in by thieves. Even though the tenant’s rental insurance will usually cover damages from a break-in, every police report filed on your property is, to a future potential tenant, a point against moving there. 

    Install Charlotte Surveillance Cameras

    Motion-sensor security cameras are a must for rental property owners. Not only do they help you catch thieves in the act (and deter them from attempting a burglary in the first place), you can also use the footage as evidence if you need to sue a tenant for property damage. Place a camera near all important entry/exit points, and over any amenities, such as a pool. Don’t forget to in install cameras and motion floodlights in all parking spaces, so you can record vehicle information and license places. 

    Get a Charlotte Security Assessment 

    One great way to improve your property’s security is to hire a Charlotte security company that can inspect your property and identify its weak points. A security assessment will let you know the most optimal places to install cameras, sensors, alarms, gates, and access controls. This will ensure that all areas are covered, even the ones you might not have considered.

    Purchase an Effective Charlotte Security System 

    All rental properties should have a reliable, high-quality security system that can help detect and deter criminals. If you need access controls, surveillance cameras, or other security solutions in Charlotte, call James Access Controls today. With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, there are very few questions we can’t answer! To speak with one of our helpful associates, just give us a call.