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  • Top 3 Dumb Criminal Fails, From Our Charlotte Surveillance Camera Company

    Millions of robberies, burglaries, and break-ins occur in the U.S. every day. Fortunately, some people just aren’t very good at being criminals—resulting in both easy convictions and hilarious stories. Here are 3 stupid criminals who would probably be better off trying something else.

    Thieves Mistake Ashes for Cocaine

    In 1993, thieves broke into a house in Boynton Beach, Florida, and stole a box of grey-white powder, leaving behind a television, VCR, radio, and watch. Detectives working the case stated they had an awful feeling about why the ashes were stolen: they suspected the powder had been mistaken for cocaine.

    In January 2011, a similar case occurred in Silver Springs, Florida, where thieves stole ashes of the homeowner’s late father and two Great Danes. During the investigation, detectives learned that the ashes were taken because the suspects mistook the remains for either cocaine or heroin, and ingested them.

    Liar Confesses in French—To Bilingual Cop

    A Quebec couple likely thought they had a foolproof scheme when they hid their jewelry, electronics, and other valuables, then smashed their own windows and added fake “trespasser” footprints. The purported victim then approached law enforcement, stating that she had lost everything.

    During the investigation, she took a call from her French-speaking father, and related to him in French that she and her boyfriend had made up the story to make an insurance claim. Unfortunately, the officer taking notes was fluent in French, along with 5 other languages. The officer, Const. Charanjit Meharu, said that he finished the interview with a polite, “Merci beaucoup,” then charged her.

    Credit Card Thief Falls Through the Ceiling

    You may have seen this popular viral video circulating through the internet. A man and a woman in Canada stole a credit card, and when they attempted to use it in a convenience store, police were called. While the man ended up needing multiple officers and a taser to take him down, the woman was much craftier. Surveillance cameras caught her escaping into the store’s back room, then climbing into a ceiling vent to flee the scene. Unfortunately for her, the ceiling could not support her weight, and she dropped onto the floor right in front of police.

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