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  • Top Vehicle Security Tips from Our Charlotte Security Camera Installer

    Vehicle-related crimes are a common occurrence in the U.S. In 2016, the FBI reported that there were 756,484 motor vehicle thefts, or about one theft every 6.5 minutes. Fortunately, you can avoid being included in next year’s statistic by following these vehicle security tips.

    Always Lock Your Doors

    No matter if you’re leaving for 15 minutes or just five, never forget to make sure all your car doors are locked. Better yet, install an automatic lock system on your doors so you can ensure they are locked from a distance using a remote. Remember that although you might only be gone “for a second”, burglars, too, need only a second to snatch your valuables.

    Keep Your Valuables Hidden

    Thieves usually target vehicles that have visible valuables, like laptops, cell phones, and jewelry. Therefore, if you need to lead your things in the car, try to keep them inconspicuous by stuffing them under the seat or under the mat. You can also always lock them in the trunk.

    Park in a Well-Lit, Highly Trafficked Area

    It’s very difficult to steal from a place with constant foot traffic. Therefore, if you live in a shared apartment or similar complex, try to park in a highly trafficked area, like near the laundry facility, pool, or workout room. You should also park in a well-lit area, and avoid “hiding” your car behind bushes, trees, or dumpsters.

    Install A Surveillance System

    If you own your property, you can install a surveillance system that will monitor the activity of passerby approaching your vehicle. Putting the cameras in plain sight can deter criminals in the first place, and hiding them can help you identify the suspects in the event the vehicle is stolen or damaged.

    Install an Automatic Gate

    One of the most effective ways to protect all your property, not just your car, is setting up an electric gate that can be opened and closed to admit entry. While a very determined criminal might be able to set up a ladder and climb over the gate, they certainly won’t be able to drive a vehicle out of it. If you are able to set up an automatic gate in front of your home, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity, as it’s the surest way to prevent vehicle theft and vandalism. 

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