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  • Understanding Access Control & Video Management Unification

    Scenes occur too often where operators without proper equipment frantically move from one screen to another while flipping switches and manipulating local access controls. Such chaotic security management practices result from a lack of unity between multiple systems. Operators should have the ability to investigate specific incidents while handling emergency or other threat. Unfortunately, many settings that use video surveillance do not have the systems needed to benefit from it. Companies with robust systems in place often fail to detect or act upon the type of incident they intend to deter. The unification of disparate systems and activities seems essential to the success of many security departments, yet such integration has not occurred.

    Simplification Via Unification

    Unifying video surveillance and local access controls makes the task of security operators by giving them a single platform that manages alarms and generates reports. The same console can handle maintenance and upgrades from a single workstation.

    A Complicated Process

    Understanding the purpose of unifying access control and video management systems does not make the process easy. Straightforward methods often do not exist for merging systems. Similarly, business needs often preclude an efficient path to unification. Technical considerations also abound, challenging the effort. Questions about unifying systems often take the form of three separate questions which constitute the framework for the current blog series.

    Questions to Answer

    We will answer the common issues that organizations must ask as they merge their surveillance and access control systems. 1. How much does system integration and unification cost? We will take a look at expenses associated with unifying access controls and surveillance systems so you can make an informed decision. 2. Will the process require a forklift upgrade? Companies want to know if they can unify their systems without requiring them to discard their existing equipment. 3. How does timing affect the decision to consolidate? Seasonal business demands can affect the amount of time required to integrate security systems. Call our office today and watch for next article. We will analyze the above questions and other issues so you can make excellent business decisions.