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  • What’s The Difference Between These 3 Automated Security Gates

    Automated security gates improve the overall security of your home. The inhabitants within the premises will be protected from burglary and theft. These gates can be operated wirelessly, using cards or remotes. Some of the automatic gates present in the market include sliding gates, and swing gates. There are different designs, and each gate can be customized, depending on each client’s needs. Below are three types of automatic security gates and their differences:

    1. Sliding Gates

    The sliding gates use a motor, which eliminates the need to push and tug the gate. If you reside in an area that has less space, you can opt for a sliding gate. It is convenient. Sliding gates are suitable for busy areas. The gate takes less space when you are opening and closing it. A local sliding gate installer can assist with the installation process. The local sliding gate installer can also offer more insight into such a security gate.

    2. Swing Gate

    There are two types of swing gates; a single or double panel swing gate. The single panel double gate is suitable for small households. If you need a single panel gate, please contact a renowned single swing gate installer within your locality. On the other hand, the dual panel is preferable for commercial uses or a large household. Double panel swing gates are suitable for larger properties where a large entrance is suitable. The gate can be made of different materials ranging from wrought iron or wood. You can operate such a security gate wirelessly using a controller. A single swing gate installer can also install a driveway gate opener such that the gate can swing backward or inward.

    3. Automated Gates

    There are various types of automation with the main focus being the level of technology used and the kind of entrance you prefer. The in-built technology in the automated security gates can help measure a car’s proximity to the gate. The gate will then open when the vehicle is close enough. It will then close afterward.


    We have managed to look into three types of security gates that are automated. The differences have also been outlined. Depending on your needs, you can opt for either of the three security gates listed above. If you need an automated security gate, feel free to contact us for a free quote. We also offer consultation services.