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  • Why a Guard Dog Isn’t an Effective Security System | Charlotte Access Controls

    When we speak to many customers about investing in a Charlotte home security system, fence, remote access gate, or surveillance camera, they tell us that they do not need any additional security, because they are already protected by a guard dog. While we do not doubt the faithfulness, loyalty, and fierceness of anyone’s big dog, there are many reasons why a guard dog is not an effective way to secure your home! Since we are often called to provide security upgrades after a home has been burglarized, we unfortunately see many instances where the presence of a guard dog did not effectively protect the property. Keep reading to learn why, for true peace of mind, you should rely on security technology, not an animal.

    Untrained Dogs Do Not Refuse Food

    Professionally trained guard dogs are taught not to accept food from strangers. However, most household pets which are intended to double as protection do not. Professional thieves know this, and will often mix a tranquilizer or poison into a treat, which they then throw into the yard before breaking in. Some dogs, despite their fierce appearance, will even become friendly with a burglar who offers them a tasty meal, even if nothing is mixed in it.

    The “Dog Who Cried Wolf” Effect

    Many dogs who bark do so any time someone is at the door; any time a car passes; or any time a jogger or neighbor passes by. A constantly-barking dog like this is a security risk, because the owner will likely come to ignore the barking. Your neighbors won’t be alarmed that something is wrong, either, because the dog is always barking. A home security system, on the other hand, will only alert when there is an intrusion, not when there is a particularly threatening squirrel outside the window.

    Barks Smaller Than Bites

    Many large-breed dogs are much less aggressive, or brave, than their size may indicate. Many house dogs are just as likely to run and hide, or even lick, play with, or hide from a burglar, as they are to confront him. Even if the dog is angry enough to keep barking, they will probably trail the stranger around the house instead of actively stopping them—and a thief only need a few minutes to snatch your valuables. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this video, and you’ll see that all 5 of the tested house dogs failed to stop an intruder. Now, it is possible to get a dog to ignore treats and distractions, and actively take down an intruder, but this requires training that can cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. A home security system costs about the same, but offers much better protection.

    Protect Your Property with Charlotte Access Controls! 

    Of course, we’re not saying to get rid of your precious pooch, or that your dog’s efforts at deterring an intruder are entirely worthless. We are, however, making the case that a) your dog should not form 100% of your security protocol, and b) in any case, it’s a bad idea to place your best friend in harm’s way! Instead, protect your property and sleep soundly with our Charlotte security gates, access controls, security fences, and surveillance cameras. A dog might scare an intruder, but a fence and gate will keep them from even entering the property, and surveillance cameras will keep a record of who came and went. To learn more about our Charlotte security solutions, please contact us here.