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  • Why Buying Access Controls in Charlotte Is a Smart Idea

    There is nothing that helps keep people away from your property like a locked gate. An automatic gate can be opened and closed to allow entry only to those you recognize, providing an extra level of security and peace of mind. Here are some more reasons why investing in Charlotte NC gated security is a smart idea.

    Control Who Has Access

    There are various technological innovations that can give you unprecedented control over who can and can’t access your home. Intercom access systems can allow you to communicate with visitors before they reach the front door; coded key cards allow access to only those who can swipe one; and keypads allow access while tracking who came to the property. The result is a level of security that just can’t be achieved with a traditional lock and key.

    Protect Children and Animals

    A gate attached to fences or other barriers creates a “safety zone” that encloses your children and pets. We have all heard too many stories of pets running off or being abducted, or of children falling into the pool. A gated property makes sure that intruders stay out and your loved ones stay safe.

    Improve Your Home’s Appearance

    A gate is an investment in your property that will increase its value over time. It also compliments the aesthetic beauty of your home, giving it a more polished, professional look to passerby. A gate doesn’t have to resemble the walls around a prison–there are many elegant wrought iron, aluminum and wooden gate options that are extremely elegant which will add visual value to your entryway. 

    Integrate Your Security System

    Gates do not have to be stand-alone sentinels. Customers seeking a multi-tiered security system can connect their electronically controlled gates with other security options, such as video surveillance and intruder detection systems that interface with a security company’s command center. When integrated with these other security options, your gate will become the first line of defense in a long chain of security measures designed to keep you safe.

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