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  • Why It’s High Time To Invest In Time And Attendance Software

    You’re already aware that technology has moved well beyond the traditional mechanical time clock that used to be a fixture on office and shop walls. Until you take a closer look at the advanced time and attendance software that’s now available to businesses of every size, though, you might not be aware just how advanced your ability to track employee time has become.

    Take Your Time Clock Into The Cloud

    For a start, digital time clocks don’t just store your employee’s time data electronically. They capture it that way, two. Given that virtually every worker has to interact with electronic technology at some point in his or her day, it makes sense to fold timekeeping into that interaction. Cloud-based time and attendance software does exactly that.

    A cloud-based time solution is one that’s accessible from virtually any device with an Internet connection. This is particularly useful for mobile employees, as most good time software also captures geographical data. You’ll not only know when your employees go to work but also where. 

    Cloud storage also gives you a powerful security advantage by making it virtually impossible for your time information to be lost or corrupted. Individual time entries are added one-by-one to a comprehensive history that’s kept as secure as possible.

    More Accuracy For You, More Convenience For Employees

    By making it easy for your employees to log in and out of work, digital time clocks and other such software take most of the guesswork out of tracking everyone’s hours. This also reduces the chances of confusion or disputes when it comes to correlating time and pay. Good time and attendance software even helps you make full use of the data it collects by automating scheduling and other time-based tasks.

    You get the full benefits of pinpont precision when you use these sorts of tools to track employee time. You’ll be able to see exactly who’s working at any given moment. You also get full access to cumulative data and can use it to make informed decisions. Want to juggle shifts so that everyone gets a fair share of overtime? What used to be a major accounting headache is now a breeze thanks to your intelligent time tools.

    While modern timekeeping software is often slightly more expensive than traditional ways of logging hours, the added accuracy and ease of use it has to offer more than justifies a modest investment. Many of these tools are even offered under a subscription model, allowing you to use them for a modest monthly fee. You won’t regret moving to the cutting edge in time tracking when you see just how useful the latest software can be! Contact us to find out more.