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  • Safety Tips for Black Friday & Beyond, From Our Charlotte Security Camera Installers

    November brings two of the busiest shopping days of the year, onerously dubbed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Whether you’re braving the stores or searching for the best deals online, here are some holiday shopping safety tips that can protect you, your data, and your valuables this season. For more information about surveillance cameras, access controls, and other security solutions in Charlotte, feel free to browse our products.

    Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

    From finding parking, to snagging deals, to loading large or heavy items, it’s easy to forget about safety. Be sure that, no matter how rushed or hectic it gets, you are still paying attention to your surroundings. If you need help carrying multiple bags or heavy items, ask an employee for help. When you are leaving a store, avoid dimly-lit parking lots, and keep an eye out for suspicious people who may be lurking nearby. Try not to cross dark parking lots alone, and have your keys ready, as rummaging in your purse or pockets makes you a good target.

    Hide Evidence of Expensive Purchases

    When you are shopping at multiple stores, and have too much to carry, hide previous purchases in your trunk. If thieves don’t see shopping bags, they’ll choose another car to rob which has a higher chance of a pay-off. At home, hide boxes for large electronics. Leaving a box for a brand new flat-screen TV in front of your recycling bin is like putting up a banner advertising for thieves!

    Practice Safety for Cash and Credit 

    Be sure to use only one credit or debit card while you are shopping. That way, if it is lost or stolen, you have only one card to lock or cancel. Monitor your credit card activity carefully, and never make a purchase on public Wi-Fi (like in a coffee shop.) If you are using cash, keep your money in your front pocket, and never take it out until asked to do so at the register. It’s a good idea to get all the cash you need before Black Friday or a busy holiday weekend, so you have less chance of being accosted at the ATM.

    Watch Out for Card Skimmers

    Card skimmers are small devices that can scan and store credit card data. Most often, they are inserted in outdoor ATMs and gas station pumps to catch unwary travelers. However, it is also possible that a dishonest store employee who has been hired as temporary holiday help might swipe your card through a skimmer instead of a register. Watch out for cashiers who ask to swipe your card for you, then turn their backs to you as they swipe your card, or temporarily walk away from you with your card.

    Get Trusted Charlotte Home Security with James Access Controls

    While Christmas is, for most people, a wonderful and joyful time of the year, it is also unfortunately high season for thefts and break-ins. Stay safe with surveillance cameras, automatic gates, fences, and access controls from our Charlotte gate operator company. We will secure your property so that you and your family can stay safe all year long. To request an appointment for a free installation estimate or anything else, click here.