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  • Tips for Preventing Employee Theft on Construction Sites

    A few weeks ago, we wrote about securing your construction site from vandalism and theft. But sadly, there is another major cause of loss on construction sites: the employees who work on them. Experts estimate that the construction industry loses about $1 billion each year to employee theft, and that’s not including indirect costs such as stolen material replacement, hiked insurance premiums, and delayed productivity. While nothing can prevent loss entirely, below are some ways to ensure your job site stays as secure and safe as possible.

    Thoroughly Secure Your Site

    A security fence doesn’t just keep out random passerby and pranksters; it also keeps out nefarious contractors who know the site from their work during the day. Thoroughly secure the area, including storage boxes and cargo trailers, with heavy gauge, tamper-resistant locks and chains, and make sure the keys are only available to trusted administrators.

    Invest in Lighting & Surveillance Cameras

    Surveillance cameras are the ultimate tool for guarding construction sites, because in many cases their mere presence can deter theft. Employees who are aware of the cameras are far less likely to attempt it. If a theft does occur, security cameras make it easy to identify the perpetrator and recover the equipment/seek legal action for damages.

    Secure Your Equipment

    Construction equipment costs can range in the tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s essential to make sure that any and all machines cannot be operated after hours. Securing your heavy equipment can be as simple and low-tech as removing batteries or wheels, lowering blades and buckets, and installing locks which immobilize controls or wheels. You can also invest in more high-tech options such as alarms, fuel and ignition cut-off switches, and GPS tracking devices. 

    Mark & Register Each Machine

    In 2000, equipment manufacturers adopted a standard worldwide 17-digit PIN number for all equipment. You can use these or your own numbers to keep track of every item on your job site. Have the number engraved or bead-welded on two separate locations of the equipment, one obvious, and one hidden. You can register heavy equipment for free with companies like the National Equipment Register or the Heavy Equipment Registration, to aid law enforcement in recovering and returning stolen machines.

    Additional Employee Theft Prevention Tips

    Below are some additional tips for securing your construction site from internal theft: 
    • When hiring employees, be sure to vet them carefully, performing background checks and calling references.
    • Issue only as many keys as needed, and consider assigning a single keyholder for your most valuable equipment.
    • Store records of each tool and machine, including photos from multiple angles and PIN number, in an area that is not known to your employees, off the construction site.
    • Assign a toolholder to sign all tools in and out, and confirm that everything is stored in a locked area at the end of the day.
    • Maintain an inventory log of all materials, tools, equipment and keys to ensure that everything is accounted for at the end of each workday
    • Store all keys in central, secured locations, and keep a log of who checked them out.

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